My name is Zakhar, and I strive to stray from the trodden trail. By day my career is within civil engineering, and the remaining time is devoted to a life outdoors.

I am currently working towards a bachelor degree in civil engineering from BCIT, with only one year remaining. Only time will tell how the story unfolds.

When I am not pursuing career development you can find me in the nature: Biking, hiking, boarding, and having fun! My main interest lays in mountain biking with support from some amazing companies such as Kinetik Cycles, Blackspire Components, and Deity components.

Beyond that I strive to acquire as many new skills as possible with a couple of little fingers in a couple of different pies, such as photography, programming, and media editing.

If you have any questions, are interested in some prints, or just want to talk please contact me by email: info@zakhar.ca

Zakhar O.